Valle del Cedrino Farmer’s market

The Cedrino Valley market is an agricultural market with direct sales of local products and is based on the seasonality and typicality of the products, the biodiversity protection, sustainability and healthiness of the production process.

The market offers fruit and vegetables at zero- kilometers, fish, bread and flour, fresh and aged cheeses, oil and preserves.

The companies involved are:

Farm L’ortolano di Mula Laura Rimedia (Facebook Page)

Farm Fuile Loi Gianfranco 

Farm Sale Antonella (Webpage)

Agricultural Society ” Arcobaleno” Deriu Fabrizio (Facebook Page)

Farm Rubino by Lorenzo Moi (Webpage)

Cheese factory Fronteddu Francesco (Webpage)

Fishermen’s Co-operative Society ” Il Risveglio ” (Webpage)

Olive growers Co-operative Valle del Cedrino (Webpage)

What are you waiting for? Contact us and let’s promote the summer in Orosei together!



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