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The Proloco of Orosei came back with a fresh start in 2019 led by a young, dynamic and proactive group that, with great enthusiasm, aims to give new life to this important association, missing for some years from the country’s socio-cultural life.

The goals that we want to achieve are different; first of all that of trying to create a more dynamic Proloco, involving the whole community in our ventures. The Pro-Loco represents for us the Joining link between the different cultural associations and the operators present in the territory, with whom we can work synergistically.

Another of our objectives is to promote the territory, also through the organization of cultural, folkloristic, enogastronomic and entertainment events that allow us to promote our country at 360°. Our aim is therefore to reintroduce existing events and manifestations and to create new ones that could, at the same time, animate the country for citizens themselves and attract local tourists, not only during the summer period, but throughout all the year.


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