Don Nanni Guiso Museum

The museum, former residence of the nobles Guiso of Orosei, and later a station of the royal police, houses a varied collection of small vintage theatres, from all over Europe; drawings of the Roman School (1930-1945); ancient and rare books about Sardinia; costumes from 1880 and works of Siena’s art.


A careful and refined collector, Don Nanni, as his countrymen still call him, had fun playing with proscenium, lights and sets of professional theatres, dioramas or toys.


The building that host the museum, as well as its unique collection, are a beautiful last gift that Don Nanni Guiso left to his origin town in 2000.

When can I visit the museum?

The schedules for Season 2021 are currently under development.

We will shortly publish detailed news.

Where is the museum?